Enscript for Windows 95/NT

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From this link you can download a pre-compiled binary of GNU Enscript for Windows 95/NT environments:
en150_i.zip (355,340 bytes), (Intel) package contains these files.
en150_a.zip (479,606 bytes), (DEC Alpha) package contains these files.

These zip archives require an unzip utility which will expand long filenames. WinZip will do this. I also have some command line zip/unzip utilities which accomplish this as well:

Intel: unzip_i.zip and zip_i.zip
DEC Alpha: unzip_a.zip and zip_a.zip


  1. Unpack the distribution zip to some sane place, the default location is `c:\enscript' but others will do as well.
  2. Copy `enscript.exe' to a directory which is in your path, or add your enscript directory to path.
  3. If you didn't install enscript to `c:\enscript' directory, define environment variable `ENSCRIPT_LIBRARY' to point to your location:
  4. set ENSCRIPT_LIBRARY=d:/local/enscript
  5. Edit enscript.cfg to meet your environment's requirements; you might want to edit at least the following settings:
  6. - AFMPath          (default is `c:/enscript/afm')
    - Media            (default is Letter)
    - Printer          (default is lpt1:)
    - StatesConfigFile (default is `c:/enscript/enscript.st')
  7. Print.

I have tested this distribution on both Windows-NT Intel (4.0) and DEC Alpha (3.51 and 4.0). I have not yet tested it under Windows 95, but expect that the NT Intel version should work. I will be testing Windows 95 in the near future.

Dave Hylands <DHylands@creo.com>