2003-02-27  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.hel.fi.ssh.com>

	* pyrex.st: Highlighting rules for the Pyrex language (Pyrex - a
	Language for Writing Python Extension Modules).

2000-06-07  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.hel.fi.ssh.com>

	* rfc.st (rfc): Fixed to highlight the RFC keywords, described by
	the RFC 2119.

	* enscript.st (highlight_face): New face `highlight' to highlight
	text some way.

2000-04-19  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.hel.fi.ssh.com>

	* rfc.st: Fixed to recognize also the `[page nn]' page number.

1999-11-20  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* wmlscript.st: Highlighting rules for WMLScript.

1999-09-24  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* fortran.st (fortran_io): Fixed a typo from the debugging
	messages which halted the fortran_io processing.

1999-09-07  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* describe_languages.st (describe_languages_html): Cleaned up the
	HTML output.

	* diffs.st: Highlighting rules for side diff files.  Thanks to
	Tobias Buchal.

	* fortran_pp.st: Highlighting rules for Fortran 77 with
	preprocessor.  Thanks to Tobias Buchal

1999-07-19  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* mail.st: Changes by Matthew Weigel <weigel@pitt.edu>.

	* fortran.st: Changes by Joachim Kaiser <jhk@cmpnetmail.com>.

1999-07-08  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* tex.st: Highlighting rules for TeX/LaTeX.  Thanks to Toni
	Giorgino <toni@pcape2.pi.infn.it>.

	* outline.st: Highlighting rules for emacs' outline text.

1999-04-01  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* enscript.st: Changed the `.m' suffix from Objective-C to

	* matlab.st: Minor Matlab mode changes by Jack Dunn.

1999-03-29  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* lang_ansi.st: Added ANSI output language for color outputs on
	color xterm, etc.  Thanks to Bill Petheram <petheram@acm.org>.

1999-03-12  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* matlab.st: Highlighting rules for Matlab files.  Thanks to Jack
	Dunn <h.j.dunn@larc.nasa.gov>.

1999-02-18  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* inf.st: Highlighting rules for the GUI INF Script language.

1999-01-11  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* rfc.st: Highlighting rules for the RFCs and the Internet Drafts.
	The `rfc' rule fixes broken documents which have an invalid page
	break sequence.

1999-01-07  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* cpp.st (c): Accept '&' characters in function names.  Thanks to
	Tobias Buchal.

	* ksh.st (HighlightEntry): In ${#text}, the '#' character does not
	start a comment.  Thanks to Tobias Buchal

1998-12-29  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* style_msvc.st: New MS Visual C -style style.

1998-12-22  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* enscript.st (start): Added support for `LucidaTypewriter' font.

1998-12-18  Markku Rossi  <mtr@amme.ssh.fi>

	* html.st (html): Fixed the nested JavaScript script detection to
	accept all JavaScript versions.  The script name detection is also

1998-10-30  Markku Rossi  <mtr@ngs.fi>

	* lang_texinfo.st (language_symbol): New function.

	* lang_rtf.st (language_symbol): New function.

	* lang_overstrike.st (language_symbol): New function.

	* lang_html.st (language_symbol): New function.

	* lang_enscript.st (language_symbol): New function to print the
	language dependent symbols.

	* enscript.st: New option variable `verbose_highlighting'.  The
	style files can set this to true and some highlighting rules will
	add some extra highlightings.

	* c.st: Implemented verbose highlighting where things like &&, ||,
	etc. are replaced with their mathematical symbols: logical and,
	logical or, etc.

	* style_emacs_verbose.st: Emacs style with verbose highlighting.

	* c.st: Fixed to cooperate with the inherited Objective-C and C++
	highlighting rules.

	* objc.st: Changed to be inherited from the C highlighting rules.

	* cpp.st: Changed to be inherited from the C highlighting rules.
	This allows use to re-use code from the C definitions, and RSN, we
	get the verbose highlightings for free.

1998-10-26  Markku Rossi  <mtr@ngs.fi>

	* style_a2ps.st: New style to imitate a2ps' highlighting.  This is

	* Split the old `enscript.st' to about many .st files.  They are

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