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GNU enscript is a free replacement for the Adobe's enscript program. Enscript converts ASCII files to PostScript and spools generated PostScript output to the specified printer or leaves it to file. Enscript can be easily extended to handle different output media and it has many options that can be used to customize printouts.

GNU Enscript is free software and it is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

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Wed Mar 5 10:13:37 EET 2003
New beta version of GNU enscript is available at URL:


Check enscript's manual page for details.

Language Sensitive Highlighting

The language sensitive highlighting is similar to the Emacs' font lock mode. The highlighting rules are defined in a separate configuration file that can be updated without recompiling the enscript binary. The most resent version of the configuration file ( can be downloaded from here:

For Enscript Version 1.6.2 -
Highlighting rules hl.tar.gz,
Date Wed Mar 5 11:02:01 EET 2003
Supported languages
and file formats
supported languages

For the users of enscript-1.6.2 (and newer versions): download one of the hl.tar.gz (tar gzip), or (zip) packages. Unpack the downloaded package in the `prefix/share/enscript/' directory.

Do you want to create highlighting definitions for a new language or file format? Please, see file file for examples. You might also want to download the latest version of my enscript.el file which helps you to create optimized keyword regular expressions. The latest version supports case-insensitive keywords.

Operating Systems

Enscript uses GNU Autoconf to figure out (hopefully) all its system dependant features so it should be easy to install it on almost any Unix-like system.

These operating systems are reported to work.

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